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Hiya angels,

Reality is, personal style is something that evolves over time and requires work. A great question that I started off by asking myself is 'What do you want your style to say about who you are?'. For me fashion has and always will have a big place in my heart...both online and offline. This is the main reason for me wanting to truly discover my personal style.

Since finding your personal style isn't a short, quick nor simple process I thought I would create this into a series so you can join in at home. Here's what I've got planned over the next upcoming weeks:

Part 1: Why I'm Finding My Personal Style And How You Can Too
Part 2: How To Use Pinterest To Find Your Style
Part 3: The Effective Way To Clean Out Your Wardrobe
Part 4: Building A Quality Wardrobe On A Budget
Part 5: Keeping Your Personal Style In Tack

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I'm no professional, but see this as a free guide to finding your signature style!


How many times have you opened your wardrobe and felt like you've had nothing to wear despite it being full of clothes? Yep, me too.

Did you catch Stacey Dooley's documentary on fast fashion? I know it's been quite the talk recently and it is definitely something that has stuck with me. Although I felt the documentary didn't offer much practical advice, I have decided to take this into my own hands. I am conscious that I spend a lot of my time scrolling through for new clothing items and this is something I plan to change. I have set myself the challenge to find my true personal style in hope to stop the scrolling addiction. I want a capsule wardrobe that I can wear day in and day out.

With this being said, I do remember reading a post on fast fashion which mentioned (along the lines of) consumers being the last link of the chain. This meaning, the brands, the factories, the workers, the clothing stores etc come before us. I don't feel as if this excuses us as the consumer to do absolutely nothing, but I don't want people to feel guilty for enjoying fashion. Be conscious. Make small changes within your lifestyle and this can make a huge difference.

So let's talk, your signature style. A signature look is a breath of fresh air. It oozes your personality, your style, and overall confidence.


Now that you're onboard with the best possible mindset, it's time to get down to business. In order to discover your true personal style you will need to take between 30 mins to an hour out to sit down and answer some questions. These questions are ultimately the most important part of the process. If you don't take the time now, you might as well just forget finding your true personal style...it wont happen boo!

Unfortunately, this part of the process isn't a part where I am able to hold your hand. (The rest of the process I am able to provide more guidance, I promise). BUT. I won't leave you in the dark completely! Have a look at my answers to some of the questions...


Is there a friend, influencer or celebrity whose style you admire? Is there a particular piece of clothing, or entire outfit you adore?

For me, I feel inspired by soo many different styles of outfits...probably why I am struggling to find my personal style haha. I'm mostly drawn to simplistic pieces, neutral colours with the odd statement piece that involves pattern. Right now, my ideal outfit would be a white long sleeve roll neck top, tucked into a tartan skirt with chelsea boots and a teddy coat. There's something about less being more.

Some of my style inspos are: 
  • Sophia Tuxford ( @sophiatexford )
  • Cinzia Bayliszullo ( @cinziabayliszullo )
  • Rachel Holland ( @rachelclareholland )


Choose carefully. These three words will act as a mini rule book for yourself throughout this process and so on. Sticking to these words will only allow you to buy what fits in with this style and not wonder out the box.

Trendy, Classic, Clean.

Here are some ideas of words that may describe your style: Polished, Cool, Luxe, Sporty, Feminine, Colourful, Edgy, Statement, Trend-driven, Bold, Experimental, Minimalistic, Simple, Quirky, Relaxed, Effortless, Comfortable, Sultry, Modern, Vintage, Tailored.


This will determine how many 'uniforms' you need. For example, you may need a uniform for work, for home, for parenting, for dress up evenings etc.

Personally, I already have a set uniform I have to wear to my day job. But if you're in office work and can choose what you wear each day - include this as one of your uniforms! (OFFICE WEAR).

I have decided that four uniforms make up my lifestyle:
  • Weekend Wear
  • Work From Home Day(s)
  • Blogger Events
  • Evening Wear

Hopefully this gave you a rough guidance and perhaps some inspiration. If you're still completely stuck then be sure to just drop me a DM on Instagram and I'll give you a hand!


  1. Who inspires you?
  2. Which three words best describe your dream style?
  3. What lifestyle do you have?
  4. Which clothing items are you most drawn to?
  5. Which is your favourite outfit to wear?
  6. What colour palette best describes your personality?
  7. What is it about your current style that you don't love?
  8. What is it about your current style that you do love?
Drop me a comment of which three words best describe your dream style!

Thank you so much for reading angels,
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Lots Of Love

Hiya angels,
If you're currently a beginner blogger, I'm here to be the absolute god send you need. Introducing my new series of the beginners guide!

To kickstart this series off, I thought what better not that to guide you through how I generate blog post titles. Personally, I use a mixture of all of these methods and I'm sure there are many more resources that I've not yet discovered. But here's what currently works *fantastically* for me...


If you've not heard of BlogLovin' before then girlll you're in for a treat. You can either use the website on your laptop or download the app on your iPhone! I personally prefer using the app as I can scroll through new blog posts whilst I'm on the go - for example travelling to work.

Bloglovin' is a tool for keeping up to date with all of your favourite blogs. Once you follow a blogger on the app, their newest blog posts will appear in your feed. It's similar to if you were to follow someone on Instagram and their photos would appear in your feed (ideally haha).

You're also able to explore other blogs that you may be interested in. You can browse and find new blog posts by topic: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Home Décor, DIY Crafts, Food, Fitness, Family, Art and more!

Use this to your advantage. Not only are you able to discover some great new bloggers, but you can use this as a place of inspiration. Perhaps, you're looking to write a new lifestyle post but have no-where to begin? Hop onto BlogLovin, click to the lifestyle category and begin scrolling. Take note of the type of titles and posts that grab your attention then use this as inspiration.

It's important to note that you shouldn't directly straight out copy someone's idea and just simply take a hint of inspiration.


Ultimately, Pinterest is a search engine. It's the place to go when you need to find a solution for your problem. For example, let's say you're looking to increase your blog stats. You're likely to search on Pinterest 'how to increase your blog stats' - allowing you to discover a ton of blog posts, guides, tips and tricks.

But don't stop there.

You can search for a particular topic that you want to write about, e.g 'Autumn Fashion' and Pinterest will automatically show you the most searched keywords relating to your topic.

So taking 'Autumn Fashion' again.

We can now see...

  • For Teens
  • 2018
  • Women
  • Classic
  • 2017
  • Vintage
  • Curvy
  • Outfits
  • And a ton more.

That's a healthy amount of ideas, and hopefully sparking more inspiration for you. If you're currently planning to create a post around autumn fashion, it's clear you need to be more specific. You can do this by incorporating some of these keywords. For example: 'Five Autumn Fashion Trends For Curvy Women'. To put it technically, using keywords will help boost your SEO.

But it get's better...Pinterest will also kindly show you the number of repins on a specific pin! Use this to your advantage. Work out the style of posts that go viral within your niche, whether it be a how to post, a list, a guide etc.

Find me on Pinterest here!


This is sooo underestimated. But try it. Go outside, live your day to day life and I'm almost certain you will become inspired. It may be a particular conversation you have with a customer, someone's outfit you see on the train or a video you see during your lunchbreak.

Personally, I feel as if I get a lot of my blog post inspiration from nature. Simple things like a pretty sky will have me thinking of all sorts of ideas.


If you're looking for a quicker method to generate a blog post title, head over to Twitter. This platform has soo many amazing creators and you'll be able to discover many amazing blog posts on Twitter RT pages and feel inspired.

If you're not sure what a Twitter RT page is, get to know boo. Say you've written a fab blog post, and you need a little help in terms of promotion. Tag a Blogger RT account, or use their hashtag (each account has their own set of rules). But yes, it's really that simple. The account then kindly retweets your post and you have the potential to reach hundreds of new eyes.

You can find a list of my favourite RT accounts here!


For real though, why is their such a minority of us that actually ASK our audience what they want to see? It's quite possibly the most effective method of market research. Not only this, but it's so quick and easy to do no matter where your audience is based.

For me, a lot of my audience come from Instagram and Twitter. If this is the same case for yourself then use the poll feature! On Instagram you can find this in your stories stickers, and for twitter it's the little bar chart button (no.3 from the left).

Ask your audience any of the following:

  • Which blogpost would you prefer to read next? List multiple options.
  • Do you prefer *topic here* or *topic here* posts?
  • What are you currently struggling with? This could be blog related, mental health etc. Whichever the problem, this gives you the space to create post which helps to solve their problem.
Alternatively, you could ask your audience straight up. For example, send them a direct message or send out an email asking people to respond with blog post suggestions. The choice is yours!

What's been your highest viewed blog post? Drop me a comment!

Thank you so much for reading angels,
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Lots of Love

Hiya angels,

If you're not a morning person yourself, then you've probably googled a time or two about how to become a morning person. Trust me, I've been there. Right now, your morning routine may look a little something like this: snooze alarm. snooze alarm. snooze alarm. skip breakfast. run for the bus. Sound familiar? I've got you boo.

I feel like it's necessary to give you a little background information on my lifestyle as I've most definitely not always been a morning person. Growing up, I would sleep in as much as possible, wrapping myself in a blanket burrito and refuse to listen to my alarm. I'm now twenty and to be completely honest this has only changed in the last few months or so!

So as my current situation stands, I work early evenings in a supermarket whilst blogging part time. Now, when I first started working in a supermarket and I was finishing late, I thought I was living the dream. I remember telling myself I could wake up at noon because it doesn't matter if I don't start work until 5pm... well I couldn't of been more wrong. This went on for a good few months. I began staying up to 2-3am watching YouTube videos and then I'd wake up at gone lunch time - practically wasting my whole day!

One day something seemed to of just simply clicked in my brain. All of a sudden I knew this wasn't right. This wasn't productive, and realistically it wasn't doing me any favours. Before researching how to become a morning person, I'd worry about how I would even change my routine back around. I wasn't feeling tired until early hours of the morning or even later, so how would I go back to waking up at 8am?!

Here's how I made that change...


Being able to wake up easily in the morning, all starts with the night before. And no, I'm not talking about having a full on, unrealistic evening routine that we all used to watch on YouTube back in the day, I'm just referring to structure. Set yourself a rough time you plan to sleep and work around this. For me I plan to sleep any time before midnight - depending what time my shift finishes.

After finishing my shift, I tend to have some dinner at Sonny's house and see him for an hour before heading home. Once I'm home, I begin my so called routine. This includes switching on my lamp (dimmer lighting helps you feel sleepy), putting on some cosy pyjamas and making myself a hot chocolate.

Other ideas to include in your evening routine: light a candle, make a cup of tea, pamper yourself, listen to calming music.

To ensure you fall into a relaxing sleep, make sure you switch your phone off and any other distractions. I know how tempting it can be to spend the whole night scrolling through the likes of Facebook and Instagram but it's time to sleep girl! Save scrolling for the morning. I personally like to use Twitter as my little newspaper in the mornings haha!


Now, if you're sat there looking confused then honestly you probably don't need to read this section. However, if you're one of those people who sets multiple alarms knowing you're going to press snooze repeatedly then this ones for you.

If your phone looks anything like this...

Then girl, stop dreaming about becoming a morning person. You should only need one alarm to get you up! It takes time, it takes practice but you'll get there. From today, set just one single alarm and maybe leave a cute little message to yourself as the title. Encourage yourself to get up.

Even just knowing in your mind that you have one single alarm and not five will force you to get up, because you know you have no other alarms on the way! Alternatively, if it's summer where you are right now then try going to sleep with the curtains already open. This way your room will be filled with bright sunshine in the mornings and you'll most likely wake up naturally!


This is completely personal to you and it can be whatever style of breakfast you like! For me, I like to have two eggs on toast with an orange juice. Choose something that will make you want to get out of bed in the morning.

Often when I say this to people, they hit me back with 'I don't have the time to make breakfast in the mornings'. Completely understandable, I get how rushed mornings can be when you're heading to work for the day, or have the kids to get ready for school. If you're currently in this situation then I would recommend prepping breakfast the evening before to save that little extra time in the morning. Whether it's setting the ingredients out on the kitchen work side so you're all ready to go, or whether it's making the breakfast completely. For example: creating a fruit salad that can be refrigerated the night before.

Do you think being a morning person is genetics, or routine? Drop me a comment!

Thank you so much for reading angels,
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(Daily uploads!)

Lots of Love

Hiya angels,
It's Monday which can only mean one thing...new blog post! 

(For those of you who are new around here, hi! I'm Ellie and I post fashion/beauty/lifestyle/blogging posts every Monday and every Friday).

Now that winter is fast approaching, it's becoming that time of year where we all tend to dread Monday. I know I find it 10x more difficult getting out of bed on a dark, cold, gloomy morning compared to bright sunshine. But here's why I LOVE Mondays and why you should too...


A new week = new opportunities. Monday should be exciting! There is a whole week ahead of us which is completely unknown. Who knows how many opportunities may arise or what we could experience in this new week. New doors, new breaks, new blessings. Prepare your mind. Enlarge your vision.


Monday is a chance to set a new tone for the new week, almost like a fresh start. How many Mondays have been and gone since you said 'I'll start next week'? A lot, right. START TODAY. Start right now. There is honestly no better time than the present and I can gauruntee you'll look back this time next year and thank yourself that you finally started.

This can be as big or as small as you like, here are some examples to help shift your memory:

Maybe you were planning to...

  • Eat healthier
  • Start a blog
  • Get more organised
  • Find life balance
  • Join the gym
  • Apply for a new job
  • Create quality content
  • Declutter your wardrobe
Whatever it is you're putting off, take action right after this post ;)


Just like every other morning...Monday morning provides you with two options! Continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.

For me, I work Monday evenings so it can be extremely tempting to have a lay in and have a leisurely morning before starting my shift. But, nine times out of ten I use Monday as a day to get my arse back into gear.

My Monday routine will look a little something like this:

8:30 - Wake up and have breakfast
9:00 - Post on Instagram and engage
9:30 - Catch up on emails, messages and comments
10:00 - Shower and get ready for the day
11:00 - Deep clean and tidy my room ( having a tidy room means I stress a lot less haha, does anyone else get like this?)
12:00 - Snack and get ahead on my blog. This ranges from writing new blog posts, photographing new outfits, creating flat lay imagery, strategy research, brand work to marketing/socials etc.
2:00 - Lunch time
2:30 - Get ahead on my blog
4:00 - I begin my walk to work for my evening shift.

Admittedly, this isn't a strict schedule or routine of mine and it can vary. But as a whole that's what a typical Monday will look like for myself. Whether you use your Monday in the same way or not... use it productively. Make Monday the day that helps you get closer to your dream.


For all my shopaholics out there. Monday is the best day to grab a bargain! With Cyber Monday falling on the 26th November... if you know, you know. So save your Christmas shopping and make the most out of the upcoming Monday sales.


A great day to be alive! Honestly, sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture. We're alive! We're ready to take on Monday and all it's challenges! You've got this boo.

What's your favourite thing about Monday? Drop me a comment!

Thank you so much for reading angels,
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Lots of Love

Hiya angels,

Two weeks ago I visited the beautiful island of Mallorca with my boyfriend Sonny. Whilst most of the week was spent relaxing and soaking up the sunshine, we did a spot of exploring, climbing rocks, tasting menus and seeing what the island had to offer since our last visit in 2017.

This style of post is not something I've previously created so I'm looking forward to allowing my creative juices to flow. If you fancy finding out about the hotel, the best places to eat, what the Island has to offer with a little personal insight then keep on reading. (I guess you could call it a vlog-style post!)


After staying in Alua Hawaii Mallorca & Suites last year, myself and Sonny couldn't wait to return again this year. We booked a sea view room overlooking the bay and were more than happy to spend half the evening sitting on the balcony admiring the view!

The hotel is a two minute walk to the beach, bars and restaurants in Palma Nova. It's also a short walk away from Magaluf if you're looking for more of the nightlife scene in the evening.

Myself and Sonny stayed half-board meaning breakfast and dinner was included in our stay. As an overall, the food is great, buffet style, plenty of choice if you're not vegetarian. Personally, I did struggle a little myself with dinner options but Sonny said he was spoilt for choice haha! With this being said, breakfast had more than enough options for myself - from eggs on toast, to fruit and yoghurt, to cereal, to croissants and pastries to banana pancakes!

As previously mentioned, we booked a sea view room for our week stay. This included a double bed, a wardrobe, two bedside tables, a tv, a bathroom, a hairdryer and a balcony overlooking the pool and sea.

Majority of the reception staff hold a great professional attitude and a courteous. The bedrooms, communal areas and the pool area are all kept spotless with the pool area was hosed down every morning. The staff that work in the food hours are extremely hard working and are a credit to the hotel.


Being the massive foodie I am, I couldn't head to Mallorca without tasting some of the best places local to our hotel in Palma Nova.


First things first, I have to mention this babe of a place. I feel like me and Sonny visited this little café every day...yes we really did. The aesthetics of the interior was what originally drew me in, super cute and retro with bright colour and beach vibe furniture.

They have a range of smoothies, crepes, pancakes, ice-creams, mojitos, milkshakes and coffees. My personal favourite is the Strawberry Fantasy smoothie (if you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen this feature already haha). But honestly it's delicious!

Helados Antiuxixona also have a huge selection of ice cream flavours. I went for a Strawberry scoop and Oreo scoop, where as Sonny got a Mint Scoop and Chocolate Brownie scoop. You're truly spoilt for choice and for such an affordable price, we couldn't say no!


SUCH A VIBE. Honestly, this has to got to be my favourite place...especially in the evenings. It's got a little something for everyone. It's located right on the beach front, a five minute walk from the hotel and is open til' early hours of the morning.

Everyday they have live sports playing on a big screen (perfect for football lovers) and their menu caters for so many! From Burgers to Pizza to Steak to Wraps to Fish to Tapas.

Myself and Sonny visited twice during our week stay and ordered the same thing both times because it was that yum! Being typically British, we got a margarita pizza to share with a side of a chips and a side of homemade coleslaw each (totally recommend).

Not only this but it's such a cute location! GF Beach House have sheer white curtains drooping in the background to create some warmth, along with pretty fairy lights in the evening!

I was also given a blanket on one of the windier nights which I thought was a lovely added touch!


It's definitely been difficult to pick just three places to share with you because there is honestly such a fantastic variety. However, last but not least on the list is Sol Beach Shack - located near Palma Nova Beach.

This little gem is actually a part of a hotel named 'Sol Beach House' but visitors are still welcome! The interior of both the snack shack and the hotel is unreal. Completely up my street... clean, white, modern furniture with a twist of natural beach thrown in!

Anyone else obsessed with the aesthetics? Myself and Sonny are even debating booking this hotel for our next visit!


When we booked a week away, we mainly had in mind pure relaxation and beach. However, we couldn't leave the Island without a little exploring...here's what we got up to!

Have you visited Mallorca before? Drop me a comment!

Thank you so much for reading angels,
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Hiya angels,

Since launching my blog back in May, I have learnt a few tips and tricks to overcome camera fright. I feel as if this is one of the major obstacles many of us having beginning our blogging journey, so I thought I'd share what I've learnt.


This comes with much practice, patience and time. However, with that being said you can figure this base of this out within one photoshoot. Get your mum, partner, whoever it is you're most comfortable with to take a good 50-100 photographs of yourself.

Within this shoot, try out a ton of different poses, angle your face, your body and ask your photography to also try a range of of angles when shooting. For example, a shot taken from a lowered angle with give the affect of longer legs to make you look taller.

I personally shoot all my blog and Instagram pics with my boyfriend Sonny. He's definitely the person I'm most comfortable with and we shoot on a Canon EOS 200D and occasionally iPhone 7.

After the photoshoot, go through every single photo and analyse. Work out which ones you love, and which ones you don't love as much.

If you've taken these on an iPhone I like to use the 'heart' button to favourite the pictures I like most. Your phone will automatically store these in a 'favourites' album within you camera roll. If you're not sure which button I'm talking about, it's the one in the pic below!

Another great thing to do is to ask yourself WHY. Why do you love that particular shot? Do you love the angle? Do you love the way it makes your legs look? Keep a note on your phone of what worked, and what didn't so much work. Next time you go to shoot - you'll feel confident and prepared.


Sounds kinda crazy right?! But it works!

It can seem strange to 'expect' great photographs, since you can't ever predict the future, but a little mindset shift can do a lot. We can often get caught up in continually thinking the alternative. Have you ever gone to a job interview and you assume the worst - that you're not going to get the job.

Me too! We've all been there. Pessimism can undermine your performance creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Self-fulfilling prophecy: A prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true.

PLAY ON THIS. Expect great photographs, you'll be sure to get great photographs.


Admittedly, easier said than done. But the more you go out and take photos, the more confident and comfortable you will become.

Take this photograph below for example, this was taken in Mallorca in front of other families, tourists, locals etc. Yes, I got some stares. But reality is people are just interested in what you're doing! Nine times out of ten they will walk on and forget about it. I've also had so many friendly smiles from people passing by! Moral of the story: Make it your priority to focus on the camera, and ignore the rest of the world.

The more you relax during a shoot, the more fun you'll have! Myself and Sonny are always cracking up mid-photoshoot, just have fun with it and don't stress!

(Pssst, if you're really not comfortable shooting in front of people read on).

 I got you girl. Aim to take your photographs in the morning (9-10am for example).  Many people will be at work or university during this time frame and you therefore have a quieter location to shoot at. But believe in yourself boo.


Personally, I adore using natural daylight for my photographs when I shoot both indoors and outdoors. When I'm shooting flat lay imagery I aim to take photographs in the morning as this is when the daylight shines the best through my window. If you're shooting outdoors during autumn, I find 5-6pm the best time frame. This is because the sun is beginning to set and the lighting becomes more soft and flattering.

Another great tip to mention is golden hour. I'm sure many of you have already heard of Golden Hour, but for those of you who haven't...this bits for you! In photography, golden hour is the period of the first and last hour of sunlight. Photographs from this hour will most likely be more effective, than if they were taken in middays harsh sunlight.


To do this, choose those songs that instantly put you in a good mood, and make you want to sing and dance! You could listen to these before shooting to boost your confidence, or even play these songs whilst snapping.

Research suggests that when you listen to music that makes you happy, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine - a chemical involved in motivation.

What's your main struggle when it comes to taking photographs? Drop me a comment!

Thank you so much for reading angels,
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